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Cathedral of the

Immaculate Conception

Interior Restoration

Phase II, completed in 2010, addressed the comprehensive restoration of the interior.  The focus of planning and design for the interior was to address the directives of the Second Vatican Council.  The firm worked with liturgical consultants and the restoration committee.  To meet the liturgical needs, pews were rearranged and reconstructed/reconfigured to be more comfortable.  A new steel and concrete altar platform was constructed in the crossing to bring the altar out into the greater worship space.


A broader assessment of the building interior fabric was undertaken along with the specific development of new HVAC and electrical systems for the building in conjunction with Quantum Engineering P.C. Inc.  The radiator heating system was insulated and repaired, the attic was insulated for increased energy efficiency, and the electrical and lighting systems were completely replaced.  The existing Rambusch lighting sconces were refurbished and reinstalled.  Handicap accessibility to the altar level was achieved with a new ramp which was faced using leftover original pew ends.  Entry vestibules and toilet rooms were completely reconstructed.


Areas of plaster deterioration were extensively surveyed.  Existing plaster was repaired where possible, and replaced in-kind where not.  Removal of deteriorated plaster revealed numerous areas of damaged ceiling framing which required repair.  Paint samples were analyzed, and a new decorative paint scheme was implemented that utilized a glazing technique to emulate an ashlar stone appearance.  This scheme dates back to what existed at the time the apse and side altars were added to the building in the 1890’s.

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