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Cherry Cottage

Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts

Period: 1782 - 1794

Work at Cherry Cottage consisted of two successive undertakings.  The first phase of work included the preparation of a historic structure report, which identified and documented the chronological evolution of the building.  This study informed the design team as to the dates of the various periods of the house, and established what architectural fabric remained from each period.  Based on this information, the second phase of work consisting of design options and ultimately construction documents began.  Building off the findings of the HSR, decisions were made to accurately restore the 1782 Period I house and renovate a later 1794 Period II ell to house modern amenities.  Highlights of this project include:


•  The re-introduction of missing or significantly altered architectural elements. The design and construction of these features employed construction details, methods, and materials accurate to the period and geographic region.

•  Design and construction of a new central chimney mass running from basement to roof, incorporating three active fire places; one with a functional bee hive oven.

•  MCWB Architects located and selected antique architectural elements; such as rim locks, latches, hinges, doors, flooring, brick, stone, etc. -- for use in both the restored spaces and renovated areas of the house.

•  Integration of a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) system throughout the building to meet state fire codes, yet minimize the visual impact of building systems on the interior aesthetic.

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