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Main Gallery Renovation

Location: Blue Mountain Lake, New York

The Adirondack Experience (ADKX) traces its origins to the Log Hotel which was built in 1876 as a vacation destination on logging property. In 1957, the first museum structure at ADKX (formerly the Adirondack Museum) opened. Sixty years later, there have been massive expansions to both the physical collections and the collection of buildings at the Museum.  


In 2018 MCWB assisted with a Campus Master Plan which has guided improvements to the site and buildings. 


In 2023, ADKX unveiled “Artist’s and Inspiration in the Wild - four galleries that illustrate how the natural features of the Adirondacks – light, forests, water, and mountains – have sparked the creative visions of painters, sculptors, and expert artisans” inside that original 1957 Museum Building.  The project included building envelope improvements and modernized building systems to create the museum quality environment needed for the paintings and artifacts inside.  MCWB collaborated with Landmark Facilities Group (MEP Engineers), Spring Line Design (Structural Engineer), Gallagher and Associates (Exhibit Designer), Gaetano Construction (Construction Manager), and many others to create this modern and interactive gallery space. 

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