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Morgan Hall

Williams College

Location: Williamstown, Massachusetts

Period: 1882

The project at Morgan Hall specifically involved analysis and inspections to provide complete design and construction bid documents and construction administration services for the replacement of the slate roof and associated elements. 


As a whole, the project included a full inspection of roofing materials, roof, dormers, parapets, chimneys, skylights, gutters, leaders, underside of roof deck from attic, roof structure, thermal envelope systems and materials, and MEP systems in the attic that impact the roof. 


MCWB also provided documentation, analysis, recommendations and construction documents for all aspects of the work related to replacement of the slate roofing systems above the cornice line (including slate, flashing, gutters, leaders, penetrations, wood elements, and painting).  All existing skylights and interior laylights were also replaced or restored depending on their existing state.

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