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Hampden-Sydney College
Residence Hall Master Plan

The Master Plan completed at the beginning of 2022, represents a collective effort of Hampden-Sydney College Administration with MCWB Architects and a team of consulting engineers to set forth a path for rehabilitating most of the dormitories on campus.

The Master Plan included an assessment of a total of 42 buildings. Seventeen buildings were studied in depth: the Whitehouse Quadrangle (1), the Alphabets (5), the Carpenters (3), Hampden House Units (4), and Blake Apartments (4).  As a part of “Project 6, Indoor Air Quality”, an additional twenty-five buildings were studied including Cushing Hall (1), The Grove (5), the Fraternities on Fraternity Circle (11), and many of the single-family houses (8) owned by the Campus. 


After the assessment was completed, a series of visioning meetings with key stakeholders and a series of design proposals with rough order of magnitude costs were produced and summarized in a Residence Hall Master Plan Report. The baseline scope proposed represents a “refresh” of the buildings, whereby building systems are upgraded for better indoor air quality, fire protection systems are installed, and interior architectural finishes refreshed. 

The goals for the new Master Plan include upgrading each building for the twenty first century, with added amenities to attract and retain students; Set the bar for future endeavors on campus; Convey long-term viability and permanence of the institution.

Since the completion of the Master Plan, ten of the assessed buildings are undergoing rehabilitation efforts. 

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