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Hampden-Sydney College
Whitehouse Quadrangle

Whitehouse Quadrangle was designed in 1968 by Clark, Nexsen & Owen Architects in a composition of four masonry pavilions linked together by a series of arcades in a “U” Shape, with the northern leg of the U shorter by one pavilion and one arcade. 


The Pavilion structures are two stories over a full basement. Over the past sixty years the original lounges and studies have been converted to bedrooms. Architecturally, all of the spaces are in need of a “refresh”, including improvements to floors, walls, ceilings, bathrooms, and architectural trim. These maintenance improvements, combined with upgrades to mechanical systems encourage looking at the complex as a whole for additional improvements. MCWB analyzed the existing site and configuration of the quad, establishing that Pavilion S provides the most desirable location for student life improvements. The rear of this Pavilion has a fantastic view down to Chalgrove Lake. It is also centrally located between Pavilion E and Pavilion W, and directly across from and on center with Pavilion N. MCWB imagined this Pavilion could be a gathering space, with large lounge or program spaces on the first floor, a universally accessible toilet room, and access from the arcade and the interior lounge space onto a large deck overlooking the Lake.


Since the completion of the updated Residence Hall Master Plan, the Whitehouse Quadrangle proposed solutions have been adapted and the project is currently under construction. The current project includes renovation of the entire Whitehouse Quadrangle complex and includes proposals for renovating crawl space beneath the south façade, a new porch at the south pavilion, and new landscaping within the courtyard.

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