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Location: Vincennes, Indiana

Period: 1802

National Historic Landmark

William Henry Harrison.jpg

William Henry Harrison, circa 1813. Painted by Rembrandt Peale

Constructed from 1802-1804, Grouseland was the home of William Henry Harrison while he was Governor of the Indiana Territory, 1800-1812. The home is a National Historic Landmark unique in that it is the only remaining house that Harrison had built for himself and lived in. The last two hundred twenty years saw many changes in the use of the house which led to the loss of much of the original fabric. This includes relatively recent restoration work, completed in the 1960’s and 70’s which attempted to “restore” the house to its original grandeur. Our firm was hired in 2014 to prepare an Historic Structures Report that would identify original fabric versus fabric that was part of later period alterations and restorations.  Though written records exist of the restoration work there are only limited photographs and many missing details. A thorough, room by room investigation was completed which identified that most of the plaster, flooring, and wood trim throughout the house was replaced during the restoration work. Original floors, an original fireplace, and two original window openings were discovered by our team below twentieth century finishes.

The HSR was used to assist in fundraising, which led to a Phase I restoration project. This project included exterior restoration of the windows and doors, roof and masonry repairs, repairs to the front portico, and repainting the entire house to match the original paint color, discovered through paint analysis. Interior restoration included restoring woodwork, fireplaces, an original window opening, wallpaper, and flooring in the Dining Room and Council Chamber.


Our firm’s work at Grouseland continues with a Master Plan that outlines an approach for more restoration work in the Mansion, provisions for universal access, upgraded building systems, and plans for a new Visitor Center.

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