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Ferry Farm

Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia

Notable Owner: George Washington

Period: 1738

National Historic Landmark

George Washington

Ferry Farm, George Washington’s boyhood home disappeared long ago, there are no known sketches of the house, and little descriptive evidence exists.  This interpretive reconstruction of Ferry Farm is based on archaeological evidence and historic precedent.  The lower portions of the walls of a partial cellar and scattered fragments of the foundation walls helped in reconstructing the plan of the house.  The form of the house is based on what is suggested by the plan, and historic precedent.  

The house is constructed with traditional materials and techniques to the greatest extent possible.  Where concessions were required to allow the installation of modern building systems, or preserve the archaeology on the site, every effort has been made to lessen the visual impact for the visitor.  The grade beam foundation bridges over the significant archaeology of the site preserving it for the future.  Much of the mechanical equipment serving the house is located in an auxiliary structure.

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