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Florida Southern College

Other Projects

Esplanades:  Restoration of the esplanades included the re-alignment of over 150 feet of esplanade (including the installation of new footings which were found to be nearly non-existent), repairing all cracks, replacing concrete sidewalks, installing new roofing, rewiring the esplanade lighting, stripping and repainting to match the original colors, and casting and installing new cast concrete elements that were deteriorated or missing.

Fletcher Theater:  The work of this phase included the removal of all post-Wright materials and fabric, the reinstatement of the original clear glass windows, repairs to the steel window frames and their surrounding concrete sills and jambs, the restoration of the original floor, stripping of 16 layers of paint on the textile block walls, the reinstatement of the original electric lighting in the fascia, roof repairs and other miscellaneous work.  The second phase, expected to begin in June 2010, will include the reconfiguration of the air conditioning system to remove visible grilles from the ceiling, the restoration of the ceiling with acoustical plaster, and reinstating the original doors and frames.

Watson & Fine Administration Building: Repairs to the Watson and Fine Administration buildings are being carried out through a series of phases.  Phase I restored fourteen windows to their original condition using archival drawings and photos to accurately reconstruct several altered designs.  Phase II will focus on repairs to the Presidents Terrace.  New textile blocks replicating the original block were manufactured for use in reconstructing the failing walls of the terrace.

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