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Gore Place

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts

Notable Owner: Christopher & Rebecca Gore

Period: 1806

National Historic Landmark

Christopher Gore

Rebecca Gore

MCWB has been retained over the years to perform studies of the unique areas and systems that Christopher Gore, an American Statesman and his wife, Rebecca fashioned. The Gore Place Preservation Master Plan was completed in 2004, and identifies all of the problems related to the building fabric, and organizes them in a manner that prioritizes the problems encountered in terms of construction logic and funding packages. Owing to the Exterior Conditions Survey, several problems were identified as needing immediate attention, including leaking gutters and leader pipes causing damage to the wood cornice and areas of the brick walls, ice damming at the roof edge and deteriorated masonry chimneys. The Exterior Repair Project commenced in 2006 and consisted of the installation of an ice and water shield membrane, reuse of the slate shingles with some new shingles to match, new copper gutters, brick repair and repointing at the chimneys and selective areas, and restoration of the wood downspouts.   

MCWB is currently in the process of reconstructing the original Family Stair according to existing physical evidence. 

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