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Lasell Hall

Location: Schoharie, New York

Period: 1795

National Register or Historic Places

Massive rainfall brought on by Hurricane Irene on August 28, 2011, caused the Schoharie Creek to flood the Schoharie Valley.  Flood waters filled Lasell Hall (c.1795), reaching a height of nearly four and a half feet on the first floor, damaging and destroying the interior finishes of this eighteenth century structure.  To qualify for FEMA assistance, the DAR was required to submit a cost estimate itemizing repairs to the building.  MCWB Architects was tasked with quantifying the extent of repairs necessary and developing cost estimates for this work, much of which consisted of replicating eighteenth century craft technique -- raised and field paneling and doors, fireplace mantels, window sash, and plaster. 

Following the successful award of FEMA funds, Phase II included producing construction documents for the work, public bidding, and construction management through completion.  Architectural services included designing missing elements (paneling, doors, mantels) from fragmentary evidence, historic images, and 18th century pattern books.  In addition to restoring the historic rooms of the house, services also included incorporating modern amenities, such as a kitchen, bathrooms, and universal access.

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