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Maryland State House Dome

Location: Annapolis, Maryland

Period: 1772 - 1797

National Register of Historic Places

The current phase of work on the Maryland State House Dome includes the documentation of the dome; including its interior structure, using the latest 3D scanning methods, techniques and technologies. These technologies will capture the dome three dimension-ally to a level of detail and accuracy that was unimagined only a few years ago.  During this work, we are documenting the dome using scanners, computer software and expertise.  MCWB has been using several different types of equipment to digitally capture the dome.  Each of these systems are designed to capture different kinds of data in differing environments.  The exterior of the dome has been recorded using a LIDAR laser scanner capable of scanning objects up to 700 meters away from the scanner location to an accuracy of approximately 2 millimeters.  These scans have been augmented with photogrammetric scans from drones. The structural system within the interior of the dome has also been recorded using a LIDAR laser scanner, and a 3D photogrammetric scanner called a Matterport. 

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