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Exterior Restoration

The two one-story wings, added during renovations in 1809 were originally covered with serrated roofs and a Chinese railing. Original drawings and illustrations from Madison’s lifetime were found, which showed the entablature and Chinese railings on the wings. Evidence on the building confirmed these architectural elements and drawings were produced for the restoration of the serrated roof and Chinese rail.

The exterior of the mansion had been stuccoed during a later period with Portland cement. Masons carefully chiseled away and removed the stucco being careful not to damage the face of the original brick surface. The brick was cleaned, re-pointed as required and new brick to match the original was fabricated for use in infill locations. The columns in the front were restored to their original height, the stucco removed and the brick stabilized. These were rendered with a lime mortar render as were the columns of the rear colonnade.


Millwork drawings for missing windows and doors were produced as the roofing and masonry work was being completed. The exact construction and joinery details from the originals were followed for the frames, sash and doors. Window and door hardware was fabricated to replicate original hardware still in use.

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