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Newport Country Club

East Pavilion

In 1954, Hurricane Carol destroyed the East Pavilion and its Piazza, and it is quite likely that the demise of the structure could be traced to the moment when the glass sash doors were installed.  Before that time, wind could blow through the structure unimpeded, yet once the doors were introduced, additional lateral forces could have easily been strong enough to push the Piazza down.  Interestingly, a number of the sash doors and frames were reused to form the existing east porch where the Piazza once stood, and although these were not original to the Piazza, they provide valuable dimensional evidence of the missing structure they were designed to enclose.  Moreover, several caryatids survived the collapse and are now in private storage.

MCWB has been studying historic photos and physical evidence, in order to unfold how the pavilion was originally constructed. Concepts relating to new material options and construction assemblies are being fully considered.  Through laser scanning technologies and 3D models overlayed with historic photos, MCWB is nearing a solution that is as close to Warren's design as possible.  However, the new pavilion will be able to withstand hurricane force winds and cater to the current country club's need for years to come.

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