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Newport Country Club

Exterior Restoration

The Newport Country Club suffered the same fate as many of our late nineteenth century structures during the twentieth century.  By the early twenty-first century, decades of poor maintenance and poorly conceived interventions left the building structurally unsound and aesthetically bereft,  and some wanted the building torn down.  In 2004, the club retained MCWB Architects to evaluate the building for its possible renovation and rehabilitation. During the preparation of this study the architectural team rediscovered its original breathtaking appearance and developed a restoration and rehabilitation plan that would revive its former splendor, and meet the needs of a modern country club. Once the members of the club fully understood the vision described in the plan, they enthusiastically endorsed the project and moved ahead to complete the work before the 2007 Women’s United States Open.  During that event, the club was proud to ensure that the building was prominently displayed for the 20,000 daily visitors and for the wider television audience.

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