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Poplar Forest

Exterior Restoration

During the years 1993 to 1998, the exterior of the house was restored. First the exterior masonry walls were stabilized by the insertion of a new concrete foundation beneath the original walls. This stabilization work also included underpinning the arcade at the south portico and the insertion of new foundations under each pier. At the same time, a comprehensive sub-surface perimeter drainage system was installed to remedy a serious dampness problem which had beset the building since Jefferson’s time.


Throughout 1995 and the first half of 1996, all the post-fire portions of the exterior masonry wall were dismantled and reconstructed to conform to the original design. This included re-positioning thirty-eight door and window openings. Concurrent with this work, drawings were prepared for all exterior woodwork (doors, windows, shutters, entablature, pediments, roof balustrade, central skylight and Chinese railing) and for the reconstruction of Jefferson’s unusual timber roof structure; together with the tin-plated sheet metal and wood cladding he devised to cover the roof. By 1998 the Jefferson-designed roof had been reinstated—complete with balustrades and Chinese railings. This completed the exterior restoration of the main body of the house.

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