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Saratoga Auto Museum

Location: Saratoga Springs, New York

Period: 1935

Built in 1935 to bottle the waters of the Saratoga Spas; which were believed to aid in a host of health and wellness issues; the Bottling Plant was in operation until 1979. Being an industrial building, the Bottling Plant has an open floor plan, making it ideal for the display of automobiles. A feasibility study and master plan were undertaken to determine the scope of remedial work and the suitability of the structure to house the Museum. Subsequently, the Bottling Plant was leased by the State to the Museum for a twenty-year period.


The rehabilitation work at the Bottling Plant fell roughly into two categories. The first category encompassed remedial and retrofitting work such as repair of deteriorated building fabric and improvements to the heating and electrical systems, as well as energy conservation measures and compliance with ADA requirements. The second involved all those interventions made necessary by conversion of the building to serve museum purposes. In devising a plan to house an antique auto museum in the Bottling Plant, every effort was made to minimize changes to its original architectural integrity yet provide accommodations for a full range of museum facilities.

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