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New York State Capitol

Senate Chamber

The firm was retained to restore the Senate Chamber and related public spaces designed by the renowned architect, H.H. Richardson. First, a historic structure report was compiled; which established all the details of Richardson’s original work, traced subsequent modifications, surveyed heating and air conditioning systems, as well as lighting, electrical and acoustic requirements. The restoration work was phased over a period of several years.  Work commenced with removal of incompatible modern structural and decorative alterations, followed by stone and woodwork cleaning and improvement of existing mechanical and electrical systems. Designs were developed for the lost decorative elements including the Axminster carpet, brass lighting fixtures, doors and door hardware, reporters’ and visitors’ chairs, public seating in the galleries, embossed leather and gilded wall coverings and leather upholstery, and encaustic tile paving.  All these features have now been restored to the Senate Chamber, lieutenant governor’s office and adjacent lobbies.

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