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Williams College

Spencer House

Period: 1909

National Register of Historic Places

This particular project involves a classical revival dormitory, constructed of red brick with cast stone trim and a slate roof with complex hips, valleys and dormers.  The entire exterior envelope has repaired and restored.  Phase 1 was completed in 2017 including complete restoration of the entire roof system, including slate, copper flashings, and PVC low pitched roofs.  The entire building was also upgraded with new thermal insulation systems involving integrating top side of roof deck rigid insulation, cellulose in rafter bays, and partial spray foam on interior masonry walls.  The windows were replaced with modern high performance windows.  The project also involved various interior and exterior modifications to upgrade the building for code and ADA compliance.  Phase 2 was completed in 2018 and involved the complete restoration of the brick and stone masonry walls along with wood cornices.

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