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University of Virginia

Pavilion X

MCWB Architects completed an Exterior Restoration Plan for Pavilion X and the two adjoining student rooms. The plan included a brief history of the building, an in-depth analysis of Jefferson’s calculations and built conditions, a survey, and recommendations for restoration. It was found that the constructed Pavilion very nearly matches Jefferson’s final dimensional calculations, allowing the missing parapet to be reconstructed on paper with a high level of certainty in terms of its dimensions and appearance. During the study it was found that the original serrated roofs remained partially intact below the later period gabled roofs and portions of the Chinese rail along the portico were found to be original. The Exterior Restoration Plan concluded that several original features should be restored, including the attic parapet, the student room serrated roofs and Chinese rails, the front columns, and the pavilion and student room doors. The report included a scope of work for restoration as well as a preliminary cost estimate for budgeting purposes.


Upon completion of the Exterior Restoration Plan, MCWB Architects were retained to prepare construction documents for the Exterior Restoration of Pavilion X. All work identified in the scope of work for restoration was included in the exterior restoration project.

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