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Williams College

Fitch House

Period: 1905

Fitch House was also designed in the Collegiate Classical Revival style.  The load-bearing brick masonry walls are ornamented with a marble water table, lintels, and three columned entrance porticoes as well as an elaborate architectural terracotta cornice.  MCWB Architects surveyed the building’s exterior masonry, focusing on the deteriorated cornice and terracotta elements, and then prepared a report outlining the building’s construction history, conditions of the masonry elements, and provided recommendations for repair and restoration.   Working drawings were prepared for the replacement of the cornice, reconstruction of the parapet, and adjacent brick masonry along with a new membrane roof.  The ordering of material and construction was fast tracked and the original terracotta cornice, in very poor condition, was entirely replaced with new terracotta.  The result is stunning and will last for another century.

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