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Historic Christ Church

Location: Weems, Virginia

Period: 1735

National Historic Landmark

MCWB conducted a detailed survey of the building's physical condition, identifying significant problems and offering prioritized recommendations for correcting them. Most of these recommendations were associated with moisture and its effects on the building. An appendix of historic images, arranged chronologically, provided an archival record of the building's condition and appearance at various moments since the middle of the 19th century. Many of these images documented past repairs. Finally, the report identified physical evidence for the former existence of curtains and upholstery in the highly visible pew once occupied by the family of Robert Carter.


MCWB prepared drawings and specifications for renewal of the building's slate roof, portions of it dating from the 1890s. Based on photographs and physical evidence, the character of the early roof, with its domed metal copings, was re-created in the new installation, consulting with staff from the Virginia Department of Historic Resources. 

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