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Crouse College

Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, New York

Original Architect: Archimedes Russell

Period: 1881

National Register of Historic Places

Archimedes Russell

Constructed in 1888 by the renowned Norcross Brothers of Worchester MA and designed by eminent architect Archimedes Russell, Crouse College is home to Syracuse University College of Fine Arts.  It was built of East Longmeadow Sandstone in the Richardson Romanesque Style with Victorian details. 

MCWB was involved in the overall exterior restoration in 2001 involving extensive roof and masonry work.  Recently and currently the firm has been working with the University in the restoration of various components including restoration of original skylights, reconstruction of the three large cupolas that crown the roof hips and currently the disassembly and reconstruction of the tower demi-dome, midway up the central tower.  The stone elements are being dismantled and reconstructed with drain planes to properly manage water saturation problems that has caused much deterioration.  Our laser scanning technology was employed to replicate the highly complex geometries of stone in the domes that required replacement.

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