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Location: Montpelier Station, Virginia

Original Owners: James & Dolly Madison

Period: c.1764

National Historic Landmark

James Madison

Dolley Madison

Montpelier, the plantation home of James and Dolley Madison, located near Orange, Virginia, has been owned by The National Trust for Historic Preservation since 1983. In 2000, The Montpelier Foundation assumed the stewardship of the property. Since the Madison's time, the mansion had undergone several renovations, most notably in the early 1900’s when the DuPont family acquired the property and more than tripled the size of the house.  Over the course of our seven year engagement on the project, MCWB produced hundreds of detail drawings, and worked in close collaboration on a daily basis with the owner’s restoration crew, masons, archeologists and systems contractors to achieve the complete restoration of the mansion.

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